Hi, I’m Dr. Adam Diesburg, and I want your family to have a lifetime of good health (I like to chase big goals).

My superpower is helping living things thrive.

Caring for life is at the core of my personal mission. Click through the following images to discover how I developed my philosophy on dentistry and long-term health.

We believe dentistry is an art and science. Watch this video to meet Dr. Diesburg and get a sense of how we combine aesthetics with the art of dental care.

I want to be your dentist in McMinnville, Oregon.

We are a full-scale general dentist serving families in Yamhill County’s longest existing dental practice. We are dedicated to extending lives through the art and science of oral healthcare and we treat patients from 0-104 years old.

We focus on

Long-term health & Wellness

Art and Science (looking good and feeling good)

Communication about oral hygiene

Extending the lives of our patients

Working sustainably to better the health of our patients, our community, and our planet.

Our Services

I have built an amazing team of passionate dental professionals dedicated to caring for the long-term health of our patients.

Are you ready to learn how we can support your long-term health goals? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Diesburg today.