Sustainable Dentistry

Being a sustainable dentistsometimes called a “green” dentistmeans rethinking how we approach everything from patient care and the processes we use at our dental practice to the environment we work in and the wider world outside.


“Identifying as a green practice is simply the right thing now and for the future. Overall health — and we’re talking about our own health, the health of our kids and the health of our environment —  is at the forefront of who we are.”

Dr. Adam Diesburg, DDS

Our wellness-based approach to dentistry reduces waste and pollution, saves energy, water and money, and incorporates high-tech innovations for the betterment of our patients and the environment.

Paperless charts

Dr. Diesburg’s team scans health histories and stores all of patient information in digital formats using a paperless charting system. In addition to saving paper resources, it allows them, though encrypting technology, to ensure patient privacy.

Digital X-rays

Our digital X-Ray system uses reusable phosphorous plates to create digital images, vastly reducing the amount of dangerous chemicals put into the environment. These X-Rays use 75% less radiation than traditional radiographs, as well as less electricity in the process.

Focus on composite resins

Many patients are concerned about the health effects of mercury fillings. Dr. Diesburg has not once used alloy to fill a cavity in (mercury fillings) since beginning his practice. Talk to him at your next appointment if you are concerned about the mercury in your mouth.

Green cleaning

Our office switched to a non-chlorinated cleansing line to clean the water lines that run through the dental chair you sit in during treatment, reducing the amount of chemicals that end up in local aquifers. We are also committed to using non-toxic cleaner throughout the practice.

Water Filtration

Our water filtration system siphons out old alloy (metal) fillings and ensures mercury does not get into the environment.

Steam-based sterilization

Our office employs two steam-based surgical-grade instrument sterilization units, which use water instead of harmful chemicals.


We work with our friends at Recology/Western Oregon Waste to recycle all possible paper and plastic. From our marketing materials to our focus on paperless communication, we strive to reduce, reuse and recycle.

A living practice

We believe our practice doesn’t end when we leave its walls. Wee see a variety of wildlife in our suburban setting, including birds, deer, squirrels, and have installed well-visited bird feeders outside of our patient room windows. We also use live plants to improve oxygen quality. See our bonsai collection here.

Improved air quality

We employ ionic air purifiers to filter particles out of the air, including droplets and pollen. We also utilize UV sterilization to kill living particles that have landed on surfaces or smaller objects.

In conversation with you

Our patients and their families inspire us to make choices that contribute to the long-term well-being of humanity and the planet. We would be happy to talk to you about all of the measures we’re taking to be more sustainable.

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