Ask McMinnville Dentist Dr. Diesburg: Chipped Teeth

Dear Dr. Diesburg,

My front teeth are chipping at the edge. What should I do?


Robert in Carlton



Dear Robert:

This is a question we get quite a lot. Teeth do wear against each other over time. Sometimes people have habits like clenching their teeth or grinding them, or biting fingernails, that can speed up the process. usually if the teeth are wearing down slowly over time, we might recommend braces to realign the teeth. Otherwise, the teeth can end up sharpening against each other like scissors. If it’s happening quickly, however, we need to do something about it.

Ask me about this at your next cleaning. Based on your case, I will recommend either leaving it, making a night guard (if you are grinding), or shaping of the teeth so they show less wear. Very rarely will a dentist add more tooth material back because we have not solved the actual problem and you will likely just chip or wear it down more.

Whatever your specific case, we will find a solution!

Happy Brushing,

Dr. Adam Diesburg, DDS, McMinnville Dentist

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