Dr. Diesburg’s #1 Dental Hack for Health

We can all agree on very few things in this life, but nearly everyone is in accordance with one thing: Flossing is kind of gross.

So what’s keeping you from flossing? Is it lack of time? Do you just forget? Is it the fact that flossing sends half-eaten food particles on a short journey to splatter on a mirror you didn’t feel like cleaning today?

That all can change with one tiny habit change.

Floss in the shower.

It’s that simple.

This is Dr. Diesburg’s #1 hack for transforming your dental health.

If you floss in the shower, you can place floss right next to your shampoo (so you don’t forget, you won’t get food particles all over yourself (well, they’ll get sprayed right down the drain), you don’t have to watch yourself making faces in the mirror, and you can easily fit it into your existing self care and maintainence routine. 

Flossing does 40% of the work to remove sticky bacteria, or plaque, from your teeth. 

Try it out. We guarantee that if you’re a lax flosser you’ll be reaping the benefits of better gum health — and overall body health — in no time.

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