Ten Songs to Brush Your Teeth To In the Morning

Two minutes. Twice a day. But what’s the soundtrack? If brushing is boring, if flossing seems superfluous, it’s  time to kick it up a level with some great tunes. These songs all clock in at about two minutes, the amount of time Dr. Adam Diesburg and his team here in McMinnville, OR recommend you spend brushing your teeth. These are perfect for your morning jam when you need motivation brush long enough.

“Mercedes Benz” by Janis Joplin Short, sweet, memorable. If you can brush your teeth while this one’s playing and not get all gummed up singing along, it’s a keeper.

“Pull This Blanket Off” by the Raconteurs A great wake-up song to boot. This might not wake you up, but at 2:00 exactly, it has a gentle grandeur for that time of day when you look yourself in the face.

“Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want,” by the Smiths Maybe want you want is just white, sparkling teeth. In any case, Morrissey’s melancholy lament can be a funny twist on waking up if you’ve got a sense of humor.

“Tick” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs You’re making me… brush brush brush brush brush! There are few greater songs to actually brush in time with than this one. Just resist brushing too hard!

” target=”_blank”>”Welcome to the Working Week” by Elvis Costello As if you need a reminder, it’s Monday again. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. Might as well keep up your jam. This one is only 1.5 minutes, though, so make sure you extend it as long as possible and be efficient.

Like your mornings peaceful and your routine mellow? Simon & Garfunkel’s paean to slowing things down, if it doesn’t help you reach those spots in between your gums, can at least get your mood right for the day’s mayhem.

“All Shook Up” by Elvis Presley There’s no law against dancing while you brush your teeth.

“Jumble Jumble” by the White Stripes Jack White, on this list twice. Too much? Nevah! High octane and repetitive, but in a good way. Like brushing your teeth.

Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash Can Johnny Cash do no wrong? Well, we do have one of his children’s albums, which is a rotating collection of songs about death and doesn’t even have A Boy Named Sue on it, so… yes.  But if you like them sad, this is your two-minute song.

“She Came in Through the Bathroom Window” by the Beatles You probably don’t have someone lovely climbing in your bathroom window while you’re brushing, but we can all pretend. Coming soon: Ten Songs to Brush Your Teeth To At Night AND Best Songs to Brush Your Teeth To, Kids’ Edition.

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