Ask Dr. D: How Do I Know If My Child Needs Braces?

Dear Dr. D,
How can you tell when your child needs braces?
Lydia in Carlton

Dear Lydia:

Everyone patient’s situation is unique, but one thing is clear: You have to have a healthy mouth before you get braces. Please make an appointment to see me so we can determine whether it is the right time for your  child. 
We are currently referring to two fantastic orthodontists in town: Braces by Joe and Dr. Fry, whose office is located right next to ours. Once I have taken a look at your children’s teeth and have determined you are ready to talk about orthodontia we’re happy to help get your mouth ready and refer you to either of these experts.
And remember: Two orthodontists (or more) may have different solutions for solving the same issue, so it can never hurt to get second opinions.
Happy Brushing!
Dr. Adam Diesburg

Ask Dr. D is a a web series where Dr. Diesburg answers the dental care questions he fields most often from his patients. If you would like to ask Dr. Diesburg a question about any aspect of dental care, you can email him at adiesburgdds [at]

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