Ask McMinnville Dentist Dr. Diesburg: Which brush should I use?

Dear Dr. Diesburg:

Does it really matter what brush I use?  


Sarah in Carlton


Dear Sarah:

The most important thing is to brush and floss regularly, no matter what brush you are using. But brush shape does matter.

Both electric toothbrushes, with round, rotating heads, and regular manual toothbrushes work well, but studies have shown that electric brushes remove 11% more plaque than standard brushes. If you want advice on which electric brush to use, I’ll help you pick one out at your next visit.

If you have a regular toothbrush, look for a brush that is the right sized head to reach the back of your teeth comfortably. ALWAYS choose the extra soft bristles, which are better for your gums and which do a more thorough job. Fancy, padded grips have no effect on how well the brush works. Remember to change your brush every three to four months, as brushes become less effective after much regular use.

If you have trouble remembering to pick out a new brush, you can always subscribe to a service such as GoodMouth, which will send you a new brush every two months and which will donate two toothbrushes to under-served communities in the United States on your behalf.


Dr. Adam Diesburg, D.D.S.,

Your McMinnville Dentist

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