The Best Kids’ Dentist in McMinnville

Yesterday we brought a whole basket into the office of the kind of toys that will appeal to all ages. Why? Because we strive to be the most family-friendly dental office in McMinnville, and dare we say it? All of Yamhill County.

“We talk to kids so differently than we do with our adult patients,”says Dr. Diesburg. “With kids, you really need to meet them where they are and speak in a way that engages them at their level.”

You don’t have to instill fear in children in order to get them to be compliant about their oral care. You simply have to cater to them. And boy do we cater to kids!

Our waiting room has a well-stocked Underwater Cave with a basket of brand-new toys as of yesterday. You’ll find a Perplexus for older kids, soft animals, simple and more complex puzzles, developmentally appropriate baby and toddler toys. We clean all of them regularly so you don’t have to worry about getting sick at the clinic.

We can do this because we’re parents, too. All of our staff is either raising children or has raised children. The pic above? That’s Dr. Diesburg’s two kids, Dash and Griffin, playing with toys on a picnic bench built by one of our patients!

What kids can expect from their visit:

  • A friendly staff that knows how to work with kids
  • An engaging waiting room to keep them busy during their short wait
  • An informed hygienist who knows how to talk to your kids about caring for their teeth
  • A doctor who is a five-year veteran of camp counseling at Concorda Langauge Villages
  • A dentist who will sing to your kids or receite “Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain” to them just like James Earl Jones did on Reading Rainbow
  • A thorough cleaning and exam with tons of praise for how well your child is doing
  • A bag with dental goodies and a trip to our prize vault with every visit (no candy there!).

Are you thinking of bringing your children in for their first dental visit? Read our post on How To Get Your Children to Want to Go to the Dentist and then call us at 503-472-2222 for a free meet-and-greet with Dr. Diesburg!

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