Practice Music Secrets revealed! Pick your favorite music day

We love music. All of it. We love making it. We love listening to it. Sometimes, you might even find Dr. Diesburg singing to you while you’re in the chair.
But not everyone loves every style of music. So today we’re going to let you in on a little secret. We have a schedule for when to play what channel based on what people might like.
Monday: 80s
Tuesday: Experiment day (ask us for your favorite!, within reason of course)
Wednesday: Country
Thursday: Frank Sinatra radio (not all Frank, but in that style)
Do you have music that makes you more comfortable, happy, relaxed and high-spirited? We aim to please, let us know! And if you see something you like here, make sure you schedule on that day. 
You might just walk into your dentist’s appointment and hear your favorite song!

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